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The series of recent events highlighting the routine and perpetual inequities that people of color continue to face have reignited new frustrations about the lack of progress we’ve made in changing systems that perpetuate prejudice, bias and inequity.

Read more about West Michigan Works! commitment to stand against inequity.


The Clean Slate law makes it possible for more people to petition for an expungement. An expungement removes convictions from your public criminal record. As a result, you can legally state that you have never been convicted or arrested for that crime on job, school, and/or housing applications. This can help you find full-time employment and create financial stability for you and your family.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming response and limited resources, West Michigan Works! is no longer accepting applications.  For the latest information about expungement legislation, please visit the state of Michigan’s expungement assistance webpage.

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Rewarding Careers in Childcare

Working with children can be a rewarding career choice. It is an opportunity to shape young minds and make a difference in their lives. Childcare workers provide a service that’s vital to parents, employers, and our communities. Critical Workers “Childcare workers are a critical part of our workforce, as they […]

What to Know About LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” Feature

In 2020, LinkedIn introduced its “Open to Work” feature to help job seekers and hiring managers connect. According to the platform’s data, users who turned on “Open to Work” saw a 40% increase in LinkedIn InMails from hiring managers about job openings. The feature is free and available to all […]

Program Your Way to a Successful Career

Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives. It is behind that favorite video game, how people pay for goods and services using a mobile device, how groceries get ordered and delivered to our homes. Software developers help make these types of conveniences possible. Many people have programmed their […]

Success Story: Hunter

Success Story

In 2018, Hunter Daniels was unemployed, severely in debt and without a plan for the future. After bouncing from house to house, he moved back in with his dad, and with encouragement from his family, Hunter went to the West Michigan Works! Service center in Muskegon.