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Apprenticeships: Learn a New Career While Earning a Pay Check

Why an Apprenticeship?

  • A US Department of Labor (DOL) Registered Apprenticeship ensures participants graduate with a national, industry-recognized credential.
  • Participants earn a paycheck while learning the skills to succeed in a career.
  • Graduates often complete the program with a full time job and little to no debt.

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West Michigan Works! offers a variety of free events to help you take your next step to a new career. Whether you are looking to sharpen your interview skills or meet an employer who is hiring, we have options for you!

Community Partners Provide Additional Services

Are you on the road to success but could use some additional support? Our community partners provide specialized services to help you along the way. Many of our partners have representatives with regular office hours at our service centers to make getting support even easier.

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How Do I Find an Apprenticeship

In today’s economy, we regularly hear buzz words like “skilled trade shortages” and “low unemployment rate.” This means employers are hiring, right? Yes, they are! And they are looking for employees with specific skills to fill their job openings. How can you get those skills so you can get hired? […]

Interested in a new career?

People change careers for a variety reasons: career goals and values change; new interests are discovered; financial burdens increase; or priorities shift. If you’re considering a career change, here are some steps to help you move toward a new and satisfying career. Evaluate your current job satisfaction Take time to […]

Getting on the Path to Stability

PATH Program Creates Hope for Participants West Michigan Works! partners with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to help their clients discover and meet their career needs and goals. Individuals who have applied for cash assistance, also known as FIP, from MDHHS participate in the PATH program [...]

Success Story: Angelique

Success Story

Imagine showing up to your job and learning that your employer had closed overnight. You are left with no income, which means facing foreclosure on your home. Where do you turn to ensure you can care for your family?

It happened to our customer, Angelique, and this is her story.