Start a Successful Career with an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a paid work experience that includes on-the-job and classroom learning. Apprenticeships give workers the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a high-demand job and the opportunity to pursue a career in a high-demand industry.

West Michigan Works! currently offers an apprenticeship program in health care. However, there are many more apprenticeship opportunities directly available with local employers.

How to Find an Apprenticeship

Often, employers enter existing workers into their apprenticeship programs rather than hiring someone as an apprentice. Although you may not be able to walk into an apprenticeship on day one, get your foot in the door and show the employer you are worth investing in.

Take these steps to get started:

Search Career One Stop’s Apprenticeship Finder to determine what employers offer apprenticeships in the field you are interested in.

Find which of these employers is hiring on their company’s website, Pure Michigan Talent Connect or other job search websites like Indeed.

Apply for positions at the company and remember to tell them you are interested in apprenticeship opportunities.

Learn more about apprenticeships!

WMW! Apprenticeship Programs

West Michigan Works! apprenticeship programs are highly competitive with set application periods and program requirements. We currently offer an apprenticeship opportunity in medical assisting.

Medical Assistant Registered Apprenticeship (MARAP):  This program prepares employees for a career in the health care field. Participants earn a wage while gaining hands-on experience and classroom work. LEARN MORE

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