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The Third Wednesday of the Month: January – November*
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

*No job fair in December. The next event will be Wednesday, July 21.

West Michigan employers are hiring! Register to speak directly with hiring managers about your skills and qualifications and hear more about their open positions.

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What to Expect: 

You can expect to speak with employers about your job experience, your career interests and available job opportunities. Please have your phone nearby 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Important: The call from the employer will most likely come from a number that you don’t recognize. Most hiring managers are working from home and using their cell phones; if you receive a call from an unknown number at the time of your scheduled call, please pick up. Also, please turn off any spam blockers that you might have set on your phone. We don’t want you to miss this possible employment opportunity!

Register for the Event: 

Click on the link in the Schedule a Call column and submit the registration form. You will receive an email confirmation once you register – please check your junk folder if you do not see your confirmation.

The next Virtual Job Fair will be Wednesday, July 21. 

Virtual Job Fair Participating Employers and Job Openings - June 16

Company NameCountyLink
Mayville Engineering Co (MEC)AlleganAssembly/Robotic Welder
Mayville Engineering Co (MEC)AlleganMIG Welders
PerrigoAlleganMaintenance Technician
PerrigoAlleganManufacturing Specialist
PerrigoAlleganPackaging Specialist
Hastings ManufacturingBarryEHS Specialist
Hastings ManufacturingBarryMachine Operator - 3rd Shift
Hastings ManufacturingBarryMachine Operator - 2nd Shift
Hastings ManufacturingBarryMachine Repair/Maintenance - 2nd Shift
ACME Marine GroupKentFoundry General Operator
ACME Marine GroupKentPlant Manager/a>
Agape Plastics, IncKentMachine Operator - 2nd & 3rd shifts
Agape Plastics, IncKentMaterial Handler - 2nd & 3rd shifts
Agape Plastics, IncKentSet-up Technician - 3rd shift
Agape Plastics, IncKentTool Maker - 2nd & 3rd shifts
Amphenol Borisch Technologies KentElectronics Assembler
Amphenol Borisch Technologies KentSMT Operator
Amphenol Borisch Technologies KentProgram Manager
Amphenol Borisch Technologies KentSr. Quality Engineer
Arrow StaffingKentOffice Assistant
Arrow StaffingKentAssembler
Arrow StaffingKentProduction Worker
Arrow StaffingKentAssembly Lead
Arrow StaffingKentMachine Operator - 2nd Shift
Aspen Surgical ProductsKentProduction Operator
Aspen Surgical ProductsKentShipper
Aspen Surgical ProductsKentMaterial Handler
Autocam MedicalKentCNC Machinist
Custom ProfileKentCustomer Service Rep
Custom ProfileKentBusiness Development Manager
Custom ProfileKentMaintenance Tech
Custom ProfileKentOperators
Dean TransportationKentSchool Bus Driver
Dean TransportationKentSchool Bus Attendant
Dean TransportationKentDiesel Mechanic
Dean TransportationKentParts Clerk
Display PackKentMachine Operator
Display PackKentJob Setter/Process Tech
Display PackKentPacker
Display PackKentMaterial Handler
Dooge Veneers IncKentWarehouse Team Member
First Day HomecareKentPrivate Duty Nurse (RN/LPN)
Gen3 Defense and AerospaceKentMaster Scheduler
Gen3 Defense and AerospaceKentMaterial Planner
Gen3 Defense and AerospaceKentConfiguration Analyst
Gen3 Defense and AerospaceKentElectrical Engineer
Gen3 Defense and AerospaceKentSource Inspector
Grand Traverse ContainerKentMaintenance Tech
Grand Traverse ContainerKentWarehouse Manager
Grand Traverse ContainerKentCustomer Service Rep
ITP - The RapidKentBus Operator
Kendrick PlasticsKentJourneyman Tool Repair
Kendrick PlasticsKentTooling PM Tech
Lacks EnterprisesKentMaintenance
Lacks EnterprisesKentDie Setters
Lacks EnterprisesKentGeneral Labor - 3rd Shift
Lacks EnterprisesKentGeneral Labor - 2nd Shift
Lacks EnterprisesKentShipping and Receiving
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentAssembly - 1st shift
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentCNC - 1st snd 2nd shifts
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentCutter - 2nd shift
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentFinish operator
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentFinish Operator - 2nd shift
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentMaterial Handler - 1st shift
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentSewing Operator - 2nd shift
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentUpholsterer
Leggett & Platt Work Furniture GroupKentManufacturing Engineer
Litehouse IncKentLine Attendant
Litehouse IncKentMachine Technician
Litehouse IncKentMixer I
Litehouse IncKentMaintenance II
Litehouse IncKentMaterial Handler II
Litehouse IncKentSanitation Technician I
Metro Health - University of MichiganKentPlumber - Master
Metro Health - University of MichiganKentSterile Processing Technician/Central Process Technician
Metro Health - University of MichiganKentPatient Care Technician
Metro Health - University of MichiganKent
Metro Health - University of MichiganKentMedical Assistant
PADNOSKentMachine Operator
PADNOSKentSmall Equipment Operator
PADNOSKentLarge Equipment Operator
PADNOSKentMaterial Sorter
PADNOSKentDiesel Mechanic
PADNOSKentSkilled Trades Coach
PerrigoKentPatient Registration Representative
Plasan Carbon CompositesKentProduction Associate
PlexiCaseKentGeneral Labor/Fabrication
PSG BlackmerKentPlant Services
PSG BlackmerKentMachine Repair
Pyper Tool and Engineering, IncKentTool & Die Maker
Pyper Tool and Engineering, IncKentCNC Machinist
Pyper Tool and Engineering, IncKentGeneral Laborer
Roskam Baking CompanyKentMachine Operator
Roskam Baking CompanyKentMaintenance Technicians
Roskam Baking CompanyKentQuality Technician
SkytronKentMaterial Specialist
SkytronKentField Service Technician
SkytronKentAssembly Technician - UVC
SkytronKentService Intake Administrator
SkytronKentShop Technician
Spectrum E-CoatKentRackers/Packers
Superior Stone Products, IncKentForklift Operator
Superior Stone Products, IncKentShipping Employee
Superior Stone Products, IncKentProduction Employee
TektonKentManufacturing Operator
TektonKentRetail Fulfillment Specialist
Velo Law OfficeKentCollector/Skip Tracer
Wynalda PackagingKentMachine Operator
Wynalda PackagingKentElectrician
Wynalda PackagingKentGeneral Production
AvaSure LLCKentManufacturing Engineer
AvaSure LLCKentEngineering Project Manager
AvaSure LLCKentTechnical Sales Engineer - Muskegon
AvaSure LLCKentAdministrative Assistant- Tech Support
AvaSure LLCKentCustomer Engagement Representative - Muskegon
Challenge ManufacuringKentAutomation Technician
Challenge ManufacuringKentPress Electrician
Challenge ManufacuringKentPress Mechanic
Challenge ManufacuringKentTool & Die Maker
Challenge ManufacuringKentWeld Technician
Extruded AluminumMontcalmMfg. Pool Personnel
AvaSure LLCMuskegonManufacturing Engineer
AvaSure LLCMuskegonEngineering Project Manager
AvaSure LLCMuskegonTechnical Sales Engineer - Muskegon
AvaSure LLCMuskegonAdministrative Assistant- Tech Support
AvaSure LLCMuskegonCustomer Engagement Representative - Muskegon
Epi BreadsMuskegonProduction Operator
Epi BreadsMuskegonPackaging and Production Operator
Epi BreadsMuskegonMaintenance Mechanic
Mobex GlobalMuskegonCaster Operators
Mobex GlobalMuskegonMelt Technicians
Mobex GlobalMuskegonMaintenance Mechanic
AdientOttawaQuality Manager
AdientOttawaProduction Scheduler
AdientOttawaManufacturing Engineer
AdientOttawaMachine Operator
Challenge ManufacuringOttawaAutomation Technician
Challenge ManufacuringOttawaPress Electrician
Challenge ManufacuringOttawaPress Mechanic
Challenge ManufacuringOttawaTool & Die Maker
Challenge ManufacuringOttawaWeld Technician
Herman MillerOttawaManufacturing Associate
Herman MillerOttawaMachine Operators
Herman MillerOttawaMaterial Handlers
Kraft HeinzOttawaElectrician Journeyman
Kraft HeinzOttawaLine Leads
Kraft HeinzOttawaProduction General Labor
Kuperus TruckingOttawaCDL A Driver - Home Daily
Macatawa Area Express (MAX Transit) OttawaBus Operator
Metal FlowOttawaMaterial Handler/Hi-Lo
MS CompaniesOttawaQuality Inspection
Pathway Senior MoversOttawaFurniture Movers
PerrigoOttawaManufacturing Specialist
PerrigoOttawaPackaging Specialist

How to Prepare:

Have your updated resume with you and be ready to talk about your skills, knowledge, abilities and previous work experience. Research the companies you will be speaking with prior to the job fair

While you won’t be formally interviewing, these resources can help you present your best self during the phone discussion.


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